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Every day each one of us at BIOTEK helps improve the life of someone, somewhere in the world.

BIOTEKIndiaMART TrustSeal believes in upgrading the quality standards to new heights in India and around the world. BIOTEK means the responsiveness and innovation of a small company, with the resources and market presence of a large company. At BIOTEK, the pursuit of quality is a key business focus. Our products have found appreciative acceptance in the field of medical profession, hence recommended widely in India, and imported by several countries for their quality and cost effectiveness.

Since its incorporation, BIOTEK has been a privately held corporation committed to just one principal: providing the finest quality products to meet the special needs of orthopaedic and arthroscopic surgeons and their patients. BIOTEK has a focused dedication to creative product development. New product innovation in orthopaedic and arthroscopic surgery is the heart and soul of BIOTEK, which has resulted in the development of numerous products for arthroscopic and orthopaedic surgical procedures. Our goal is to make technically demanding surgical procedures easier, safer and reproducible. Investing in BIOTEK products means you have chosen a company committed to uncompromising quality and constant product innovation.

At Biotek, we believe in bringing improvements in every aspect of our business on an everyday basis. We wish to offer the best possible product to our customers and thus we undergo an intense research program for every product that we offer. We have a team of highly experienced doctors who with their experience bring the best utility systems in the orthopedic world. For over a decade, BIOTEK has developed advanced medical devices for healthcare professionals around the world. With the help of our innovative equipment, patients enjoy improved mobility and rapid recovery from surgery.


Our Business

We are a global medical technology company with a focus on repairing and healing the human body in four high-growth sectors: Arthroscopy, Trauma, Spine and Extremities.

BIOTEK is one of the industry leaders in Arthroscopy, Trauma, Spine and Extremities. These businesses jointly offer over 1,000 product ranges.

Our infrastructure continues to expand each year. We currently operate in numerous countries around the world. Substantial investment in our products and intensive research and development means that we are always ahead. Figures from last year show that we stand at number one as the leading Indian company in Arthroscopy.

BIOTEK has a track record of bringing innovative new products to market that provide better clinical outcomes for patients and save costs for healthcare providers.

Ageing Populations Worldwide:

On average, people are living longer. To retain a high quality of life well into their later years, they are more likely to need treatment for Orthopaedic Trauma and Extremities, Arthroscopy and Spine and other conditions.

Greater Product Innovation & Sophistication:

The key to satisfying the needs of patients and the medical profession is to develop technically advanced devices that offer new treatment possibilities, thereby expanding the market - as BIOTEK is committed to doing.

Close To Customers & Patients:

To help patients regain their lives more quickly and fully, we work with healthcare professionals on emerging new technologies and techniques. Our world-class, specialised sales force provides frontline support to our customers and enables us to gain greater understanding of their needs. Strong relationships with healthcare professionals are fundamental to our business. To earn their trust and confidence we know we must always behave with absolute integrity.

Research & Development:

Our business strategy is based on researching, developing, manufacturing and marketing technically innovative and advanced medical devices. Our direct contacts with healthcare providers are a vital link in the chain. Clinicians' views of their present and future needs provide essential impetus for our own research work.


Biotek Strategy

We develop innovative, cost effective products and techniques that deliver significant advantages to clinicians and their patients.
As one of our core values, we take an aggressive, proactive approach to quality through a company-wide initiative that touches all aspects of our operation. Our quality program challenges us to never compromise the high quality of our products, services and systems, while continually striving for improvement in these areas. At BIOTEK, we believe in bringing improvements in every aspect of our business on an everyday basis. We wish to offer the best possible products to our customers.

An important component of BIOTEK's mission is the support of the physician's role as patient advocate. BIOTEK is dedicated to offering surgeons numerous options that allow them to provide the best available care for their patients. This is done through our ongoing commitment to offering comprehensive surgical options designed to meet surgeon needs.