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On Button CL

Continuous loop of suture braid eliminates the need for knot tying and allows for a larger portion of graft to reside in the tunnel.

Efficient : Preloaded with braided sutures (#5 Biofiber, white as leading suture & #5 polyester, green as flipping suture) for added procedure efficiency.

Greater strength : Tested for UTS-Ultimate Tensile Strength. Meets or exceeds 1500N. Highest failure load compared to competitive technologies.

Accommodates various graft lengths : One size titanium button is available with multiple pre-measured loop sizes of 12, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40mm lengths.

Truly endoscopic procedure : Does not require second incision.

  • Solid fixation for either primary or auxiliary fixation in ACL or PCL reconstruction
  • Ideal for a post or screw and washer technique
  • Distal fixation allows circumferential healing of the ACL graft to tunnel wall
  • Significantly enhances soft tissue apposition to bone to speed healing and strengthen the repair

Clinically Proven : Supported by over 20000 cases of clinical success all over India and abroad.

Promotes insertion site healing : Rests on the cortical bone surface.

Strong cortical fixation : Provides dependable fixation regardless of cancellous bone quality.

Provides tactile "flipping" feedback : Ensures proper seating of device.

Hassle-free revision surgeries : Standard technique allows for endoscopic revision without lateral incision and bone removal.

Most comprehensive line of femoral fixation solutions : Can be used in single-bundle soft tissue fixation; Double-bundle fixation soft tissue fixation; Bone-tendon-bone fixation.

  • BAK-7001C.12 - 12mm
  • BAK-7001C.15 - 15mm
  • BAK-700lC.20 - 20mm
  • BAK-7001C.25 - 25mm
  • BAK-7001C.30 - 30mm
  • BAK-700lC.35 - 35mm
  • BAK-700lC.40 - 40mm

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On Button

The titanium button is the original endoscopic femoral soft tissue fixation device. It can be used for single incision, soft tissue, or bone-tendon-bone fixation.

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Low-Profile Cancellous Screws & Spiked Washers

  • The low-profile screw and washer combination provides 31% to 50% lower profile than competitive versions.
  • Low profile cancellous screw and spiked washer set provide continuous strength for soft tissue fixation to hone.
  • Low profile head to reduce soft tissue irritation.
  • Can be used as a post screw for suture or soft tissue fixation.
  • Ideal for ACL, PCL, collateral ligament or posteriolateral reconstruction.
  • Unique washer design with spikes on the inferior surface provides excellent fixation of soft tissue to bone.
  • Low profile cancellous screws available in diameter 4.0mm and 6.5mm. Spiked washers also available in small and large size accordingly.
  • Material -Titanium alloy.

BAK-7129.30S - Dia.4.0mm,Len.30mm

BAK-7129.35S - Dia.4.0mm,Len.35mm

BAK-7129.40S - Dia.4.0mm,Len.40mm

BAK-7006.35S - Dia.6.5mm,Len.35mm

BAK-7006.40S - Dia.6.5mm,Len.40mm

BAK-7010S - Spiked washer for 6.5mm cancellous screw

BAK-7130S - Spiked washer for4.0mm cancellous screw

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